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diagrams of friction #6: splittednotsplitted

reading by Max Grau and screening by Katharina Pethke

12.09.17, 7pm at Naunynstrasse 53, 10999 Berlin


7pm: “dear_fragments”, reading by Max Grau

8pm: “Jederman”, screening by Katharina Pethke

8:30pm: talk with Katharina Pethke


“dear_fragments”: Since October ’16 I’ve been writing a newsletter-like column that is circulated via email. Mostly to my friends but also to anybody who wishes to receive it. The texts zig-zag around the intersection of friendship, vulnerability and solidarity. Also other stuff. Sticking to a theme is sometimes hard. I tend to lose track, texts turn out loopy and occasionally a little long. But in the end, I guess everything always comes down to the same set of questions: Can friendship be an alternative to networking? Can we imagine an art world that is grounded in solidarity and not competition? Does any of this help us, out in the real world?


Change, Philipp change, change! exclaims the photographer while he stages the star-actor Philipp Hochmair for the premiere photos. The film “Jederman” follows Hochmair’s professional identity chaos, his excessive roles, his smooth exhibitionism intimately and cautious.
From an actor who is constructed and deconstructed on all conceivable levels, whose self-image threatens to dissolve, and at the end of which, perhaps, precisely this is his chance: to be nobody means being able to be everyman.



Max Grau (*1988) is a visual artist and writer based in Berlin. His work uses a variety of media such as video, text, email, performance, photography, sound and printed matter. Besides doing things individually, he’s interested in friendship based models of collaboration and forms a part-time duo with Jan Erbelding. He studied Fine Arts in Saarbrücken, Berlin and Los Angeles. His work has been shown internationally, for example at Galerie La Croix Los Angeles, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Galerie Lily Robert Paris, Pet Projects Perth and Digital Art Centre Taipei.


Katharina Pethke, born in 1979 in Hamburg, is a filmmaker and professor at the HFBK – Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg. She studied German and Art History in Hamburg and film at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. In her internationally acclaimed diploma film Louisa, she portrayed her sister, who had gone deaf and decided to learn sign language in her early twenties. As a film author Katharina Pethke has realized works for German television and has produced her own documentary works.