warehouse warehouse

Diagrams of Friction #3: paranoia and its shakes

lecture by Pierre Schwarzer and screening by Heather Phillipson

04.07.17 at Naunynstrasse 53, 10999 Berlin


7pm : Archival Exploitations by warehouse

8pm: „Notes on Paranoia“, lecture by Pierre Schwarzer

9pm: Screening „What’s the damage“, Heather Phillipson


In the final poem of her collection Instant.flex 718 Heather Phillipson wrote:

“Lets prefer these pointless days while we can.
Everything is linked.
Everything and nothing, to be accurate.”


We want to talk about linkages, about interconnections, about how these strange people observing you may not be so bad after all. We want to talk about these discrete units being paranoid, this network nervousness, this Marxism vectored towards infinity. We want to talk about paranoia and its meaning of everything and nothing being connected.
Heather Phillipson started her career as a poet and writer, before turning to video and installation art. Her work has been presented at major venues including Tate Britain, the Serpentine Galleries, Palais de Tokyo. Phillipson is the winner of the prestigious 2016 Jarman Award for Video Art. „What’s the damage“ starts ‚a bloody hot takeover‘ by intertwining digital and physical realities. How many surfaces may be stacked on a screen and are we at any point reaching something that could be described as depth?