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Diagrams of Friction #2: observing algorithms

talk with terra0.org and screening by Rehana Zaman

20.06.17, at Naunynstrasse 53 10999 Berlin
This event will consider forms of observations and modes of watching: How are we looking at algorithms? And most important, how are they looking back at us? What kind of strategies may we deploy to counter such a view? And, may this algorithmic observation still be called ‚a view‘?
7pm: Terra0.org, talk with Paul Kolling and Paul Seidler

8pm: „Tell me the story Of all those things“, screening by Rehana Zama
Terra0 is a selfowning augmented forest. The project is meant to be an ongoing art project that strives to set up a prototype of an self utilizated piece of land. The terra0 project creates a scenario whereby the forest, augmented through automated processes, utilitizes itself and thereby accumulates capital.

„Tell me the story Of all these things“ attends to the particular experiences of British Muslim women, staging a cookery demonstration alongside candid conversations whilst conjuring the amorphous figure of a woman emerging from a barren landscape – a figure placed at the convergence of terror and desire.


Paul Kolling (b. 1993) is an artist and designer living in Berlin, Germany. Coming from a background in traditional craftsmanship, he now studies visual communication at the University of the Arts. He works at the intersection of design research, media art and industrial design, and strives to explore the interaction between (new) materials, objects and new technologies. His projects and papers have been presented and discussed at transmediale17, FIBER Festival, Furtherfield Gallery and ecocore amongst others.

Paul Seidler works as an interaction designer and media artist. He studies in the digital media class at the University of the Arts, Berlin. Besides he works as researcher at the Design Research Lab and the Hybrid Plattform. His projects and papers have been presented at Leap Berlin, CTM, Dutch Design Week among others.

Rehana Zama (b. 1982) is a London based artist working wih moving images and performances. Her work considers the interplay of multiple social dynamics that constitute subjects along particular socio-political formations. Besides her performance and video art she works as a researcher and lecturer on the BA Fine Art programme at Goldsmiths, University of London and Royal Institute of Art, Sweden.