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Sexting, Season 2

Every letter was a love letter. Let’s say all texting is sexting. Sexting makes obvious the entanglement of bodies, media, and discourses that any contemporary writing — however sexually explicit — is always embedded in. As our heads, hands, phones plus language barriers are non-stop bumping into each other, let’s then say something is changing and we sense this. But what is it? This is what we’re here for. Only as you well know, this, what is happening now is not sexting, season 1 anymore – there is already so much going on, and sometimes even beyond the heteronormative couple-form, beyond belonging itself. Wow! This is a series of text-based works exploring new as well as tracing forgotten constellations of bodies, the internet and the intimacy in-between. It is curated by Max Wallenhorst for CHANGE. And, like in a series, there’s always something else happening, side plots that might turn out to be so important.