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Who is afraid of ideology?

screening and talk with Marwa Arsanio

Who is afraid of ideology?

03.08.17., 7pm
Naunynstrasse 53, 10999 Berlin
Invited by and discussion chaired by Shama Khanna

“Organizing information is an inherently political act. What one chooses to prioritize, reduce or exclude is not simply a way of making stories. It is a way of making a world. Awareness to these choices and the impact that such deci- sion-making entails is a key facet of making documentary film, though often its perceived skill (the ‘good’ or ‘well-made’ documentary) is in successfully masking its formal processes of argumentation in order that its organization of information appears as an absolute reality. The viewer is usually treated passively, nudged in one direction or another, only to arrive at a conclusion that, on reflection, always seemed inevitable. Marwa Arsanios’ Who is afraid of ideology? Part I endeavours to counter such conventions and their concealed modes of persuasion. Instead, her film depicts not only the lived paradoxes of its documented subjects, but also the contradictions in the effort to capture such complexities on camera.” (Mason Leaver-Yap)

Marwa Arsanios works with video, performance and installation to expose and reconfigure narratives of personal and collective identities. Her practice explores the aesthetics of nation building, and its impact on the intertwined experiences of labour, consumption, and the body. Recent solo exhibitions include presentations at Hammer Projects, Los Angeles (2016); Witte de With, Rotterdam (2016); Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon (2015); and Art in General, New York (2015). Based in Beirut, she is a founding member of 98weeks, an artistic organization and project space in the city, which focuses its research on a new topic every 98 weeks.