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Talking about the Future – a multi-layered narration about the possibilities and impossibility of the Future

Chapter II

Images of the Possible

Space, nature and leisure. Nothing can be seen above the trees crowns. There are no parks and everything is a forest. Human life blends within the landscape. Their buildings are simple, moderated in size and very practical. No material is wasted with the purpose of aestheticization, but nonetheless, beauty is everywhere. Everything looks so clean, carefully composed in order to offer a healthy environment where one can learn, experiment and enjoy life without the pressure of economic survival. Labour and production are still present within human activities.

“It’s about putting life to work” (Maurizio Lazzarato, From Capital-Labour to Capital-Life, Pag – 205, ephemera journal, vol. 4(3), 2004)

Break has become an empty word knowing that the reproduction of this configuration never stops. Revolutions and systemic changes are part of the realm of nostalgia. Nothing seems to escape the logic of monetary translation and profit. There is no hope for a better future, for social constructions that would heal the damages of the past, that would hopefully restore the equilibrium of biological life on Earth. Is this the end? How to put an end to the inequalities across the world? How to put an end to exploitation and start distributing knowledge and wealth throughout the communities of the world?

“As Badiou has forcefully insisted, an effective anticapitalism must be a rival to Capital, not a reaction to it; there can be no return to pre-capitalist territorialities. Anti-capitalism must oppose Capital’s globalism with its own, authentic, universality.” (Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism – Is There No Alternative, Pag – 83, Zero Books, 2009)

Where to find hope when even our utopian desires and criticality are captured and transformed into empty products, dried out of any hope of materialization of this possible future?

Talking about the Future / Chapter II : Images of the Possible (2017, Iasi, Romania)

4th of September
Chapter. III (Politics of the Present)

11th of September
Chapter. IV (The End)

15th of September

Silvia Amancei (b.1991) and Bogdan Armanu (b.1991) is an artist couple living and working in the city of Iasi, Romania. They graduated BA (2013) and MA (2015) studies at “George Enescu” University of Arts (Faculty of Visual Art and Design) in Iasi. Collaborating since 2012, their artistic practice could be positioned at the border of social studies and visual art, having as a main research interest the potentiality of art and artistic means to overexcite the ability to look beyond capitalism and create a (common) future.