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The Sickening Abyss Assets series#2 (copper engravings)

by Nieves de la Fuente Gutierrez
“The interior of the mine is another world, I was there in my element, that was my element…I took her to those places, but to describe it…? I could show you pictures… You had to see it, I wish I had a digital camera to take pictures of all those places where I have been, but ok, I live with it because, some pictures I have”

Pablo was a miner. Here he was standing with his wife in the 33rd level of Pozo Alfredo (the Alfredo pit). This pit is now under sulfurous water, unaccessible and in the hands of a new mining company taking advantage of the 2015 rise of copper prices. His memories are inverted as the territory gets relocated with it extraterrestrial qualities. Have these pictures just become martian documents?

Nieves de la Fuente Gutierrez

Madrid, 1988*. Study at UCM (Madrid) and Kunsthochschule Kassel. Postgraduate study at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (2013-16). Exhibited at EMAF’17, BBK Room, Matjö (2016, solo), Animafest Zagreb’16, Werkleitz’15, Meinblau Berlin (2015), Art Cologne’15… The project “Caracaballo” is shortlisted at “digitale Skulptur 2016” Ulm. In 2014 Promotion Price awarded by the Academy of Arts Cologne and artistic residency in Montepulciano, Italy. In 2015, artistic residency in Montréal, Canada.