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by Ängste zur Kunst & whee.gif

“sext” is a Twitter meme, in which various text fragments are combined with the premise of “sext:”. This is how you end up with “sext: so do you wish you never met me.” Or “sext: pretend harder”. Obvious and not so obvious constellations breaks with normative, normal sexting – by shifting through diverse tonalities: Ironic and bitter, then supersoft and summertime sadness, then again conceptually complex, across diverse languages, even beyond classical Broken European English. The two Twitter accounts Ängste zur Kunst und whee.gif create a text performance for this memes, reframing their own former tweets into a new (arty) context. Referencing the Twitter timeline, this page will be updated over time.

whee.gif is a twitter account about feelings and ghosts on the edge of digitalization. in a very soft way tho. you can read this in your voice if you like.

Ängste zur Kunst ist ein Twitter-Account: scarlett johansson’s voice. on your mind right now.