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"My Dog is my Piano" by Antonia Baehr and a talk with Nanna Heidenreich
Transparency of "My Dog is my Piano" by Antonia Baehr

20.10.17, 7pm

Naunynstrasse 53, Berlin


“Qui (ne) se ressemble (pas) s’assemble.”

Tocki and Bettina von Arnim live together in the same house. They do not speak the same language, they are hardly alike and yet, they have assembled.

In the sonic performance “My Dog is My Piano”, Antonia Baehr sketches a subjective acoustic portrait of the affinity between her mother and her dog: What kind of language emerges from this long duet of everyday comings and goings, of these choreographies of affinities? „My Dog is my Piano“ engages with a very specific companionship. Yet it examines ways of observing and recording in general. It maps traces, archival material and bodily inscriptions and drafts a score for an interspecific togetherness. For Baehr scores are far more than simple manuals. They are an invitation to engage and dedicate oneself. In “My Dog ​​is my Piano”, the house of Bettina von Arnim becomes the score of the choreography of the everyday life, the score presents the means of analysis and in the end it is the score that characterizes and transcribes the interpersonal relationship.

Antonia Baehr will pick up fragments of „My Dog is my Piano“ and together with Nanna Heidenreich talk about scores, companionship and traces. One last time at Naunynstrasse 53 before warehouse will move on.

(talk in German.)

Antonia Baehr is a choreographer performer and artist. Her works explore the fiction of the everyday and of the theatre, among other themes. Baehr studied with Valie Export (1996) and obtained a DAAD-grant and a Merit Scholarship for the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. There she completed her Master in Performance and experimental Film. She has taken part in diverse group exhibitions (re.act.feminism, Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia Tallinn, Museo de Arte do Rio, MACBA Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, et al.). From 2006 to 2008 Antonia Baehr was associate artist at the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers and in 2013 at the Beursschouwburg, Brussels. In 2008, her book “Rire / Laugh / Lachen” was published, and “Abedecarium Bestiarium – Portraits of affinities in animal metaphors” was published in 2014. In collaboration with Sabine Ercklentz, Baehr produced “Abecedarium Bestiarium. Affinitäten in Tiermetaphern”, a radio feature for WDR 3 that was broadcast in February 2015; and in June 2015, “Misses und Mysterien” was broadcast as a radio play on WDR 3.

Antonia Baehr is currently collaborating with Neo Hülcker, Lindy Annis, and Latifa Laabissi, among others.

Baehr is the producer of the horse whisperer and dancer Werner Hirsch, who is also performing in Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz’s work, the musician and choreographer Henri Fleur, the aspirant composer and ex-husband Henry Wilde, among others.



Nanna Heidenreich is a professor for Digital Narratives – Theory at the ifs internationale filmschule köln. In the summer of 2016 she was visiting professor for media & cultural studies at the University of Hildesheim and from 2011-2016 she was a lecturer/researcher in media studies at the University of the Arts in Braunschweig. Currently she works as a researcher and curator for the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin (projects include “Now is the time of monsters. What comes after nations?” and “Soundtracks”) and was also curator for the Berlinale program Forum Expanded (together with Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Anselm Franke, Ulrich Ziemons and since 2016 Khaled Abulwahed). Until 2009 she was a member of the antiracist network Kanak Attak, and she is part of the network critical migration and border regime studies (kritnet). In 2016 she joined the preparations for the “Tribunal Unraveling the NSU-Complex”. She has published widley on migration, visual culture, postcolonial media theory, art and activism, queer theory and has edited several DVDs (political, experimental and feminist filmmaking practices).