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Iterative Beings [diary #1]

by Lou Morlier

see here for the initial publication

I has been quite intense.

I felt like a laboratory animal going through some freaky mutations. Three iterative beings are born, trapped in my body. Are they parasites? At first I thought I would just be a temporary, sporadic vessel for them, or at best that I could make them coexist flawlessly with the initial me. But they greedily drain my time and energy, leaving me as chimeric aberration wandering aimlessly. I am struggling to find a symbiosis. So far I feel like they are rather diminishing me than augmenting me. Let’s see if my metabolism can adapt.

Am I some kind of connected hypermutant, craving for the next update?

WhispersFromTheDeep published his first ASMR video, “Are you bored ?”, yesterday. On Thursday 27 July, PurJus will be posting the first episode of his vlog series: PureVie. Sovereignless Soul will start live streaming on Twitch from Monday 24 July.

Lou Morlier born in august 1994 in the northwestern countryside of France. 22 years old. Obtained a Bachelor of Cinema and Literature at Université Lumière Lyon II in 2015, and is now attending a Master of Arts at Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin. Morlier organizes the encounter of fetched materials, introduced in foreign environments. Trying – in the manner of an essayist – to unravel the subaqueous meanings of the relics he gathers during his digital cruises. Sometimes archeologist or ethnologist, sometimes fantasist or tightrope walker, documenting and manipulating random things he comes across, in a motion of poetic revamping.