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Let it be Wendy – or whatever else. We want to go there, we want to be inside of it, we want to do our teen dreams and traumata. Horeses, popstars, infinite passion – let’s see how it feels in there. We open up well-practiced figures of identity, we reproduce them and actualize them. First of all – let’s celebrate the ambiguity of affirmation, together. In search of lost time? Not at all. Maybe it’s just our reality.


2pm-10pm, Witten

FAM_1: Premiere


I’m standing on a wide blank space. It’s a central and still deserted site, meant to spend as less time as possible at, between the daily coming and going. But i have time, i am welcome here. Some others are, too. It is bright and shiny, some tropic plants limit the arena. I stand up, slowly – i have time, the solar altitude tells me. We are aflame up here. I roam to a transparent bowl on a stand alone module, it is filled with light pink-coloured folded notes. I pick one, it is a score. Immediately a feeling of pleasant dynamism grows on me. I close up to my mood and end up in a flow across the surface area. I’m gliding on soft material, texture encircles me me gently but firmly and thats how i feel as well. In this moment i just hear queen’s speech 4 beginning, indistinct rap-beats reach my aural sense. I brace my head with my hand and set myself upright in the direction of motion. now i spot blurred outlines above the texture’s periphery. i see light blue and soothing grey, next to me friendly concrete-pouche guys, most probably there will be construction works in the near future, i think to myself, what a wonderful world. From far away indistinct noises, i peer over, just some casual mates with flubbers in a swimming pool, they sing „theres a dark secret in me, don’t leave me lost in your arms, set me free“, but in this moment my texture and me bend left and get into wonder: green thickens in my view, increasingly organic stuff shoves itself into my field of vision, its a thick forest: Panorama. I stop at a box, transparent again, i start enjoying my trip. A small note on it says „exit point“, i feel like it read my mind and put on the headphones provided by the box. Tender and caring music engulfes me, i dive in and submerge, solace in beats. The chatter on the other end is indistinct now and i see the scenery in a rosy light. I’m there and not there, i say to myself. „so glad i got the keys“.

I’m a survivor (what?)
I’m not gon’ give up (what?)
I’m not gon’ stop (what?)
I’m gon’ work harder (what?)
I’m a survivor (what?)
I’m gonna make it (what?)
I will survive (what?)
Keep on survivin'(what?)


To provide a sphere of overall comfortness, we make use of glamorous slogans. we fight. Fight established claims, fight unmasks invisible privileges, behind and on the decks, the dancefloor, the choreography of party. fight is pinned at the bar quadratically, neon and says: we grab u back.

We stand together.


FAM_ ties in with irritation, quite concrete: actions, political currency, habits. However – this not going to end at it‘s starting point. It’s going on and on, loop-shaped – blue sky thinking. We focus parameters, offer scores, make proposals: Sip the golden matriarchy, make things visible and enjoy the new old space.



Why don’t we talk about it
Why do you always doubt
that there can be a better way
It doesn’t make me want to stay Why don’t we break up

There’s nothing left to say
I got my eye shut
praying they won’t stray
Oh! When I sexed up
That’s what makes the difference today I hope you blow away

You said we’re fatally flawed When I’m easily bored,
Is that okay?


songs, too many times listened to. The lyrics still seem weird – what the hell did we sing all those times??
now let’s place our bodies body between original and copy, then sing it. The difference is obvious, isn’t it? Something is shifting, the body transforms the received picture, the context shifts towards a new even weirder system and enlarges the room.

Karaoke is our tool, it allows us to meet in a fictive space of our personal and still collective emotional realms and pasts – we spread out and close ranks at the same time, form the base for solidarity in time towards a shiny better future, or leastwise a blueprint of it.


_ is a queerfeminist brand, assembling actors trying to create a new version of amusement-gettogether by hosting parties, karaoke-nights and performances

_ acts online and locally, works with traumata and desires and takes out pledges to assemble new, emancipatory images

_ focusses parameters as: location, bar, sound, light, rearranges them and projects them into specific urban sites

_works on visions of postpatriarchal societies and the utopia of golden matriarchy