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Diagrams of Friction #5: awakening

atmospheric preview with THE AGENCY and screening by Ane Hjort Guttu

01.08.17, 7pm at Naunynstrasse 53, 10999 Berlin

„Shape. Transform. Fight. This is beyond fitness. This is beyond enhancement.“ (THE AGENCY)

Is it possible that there is now – more then ever – space for a global protest movement? “This Place is Every Place” pictures the unfulfilled hope that the Arab Spring would be the big change. Yet, in Sweden everything stays the same.
Maybe Medusa Bionic Rise can provide a solution? THE AGENCY is looking for the shift coming from technologies of the self – imagining new configurations of bodies and technologies.


“Wake-up Drill” by THE AGENCY

talk with the THE AGENCY

“This Place is Every Place” by Ane Hjort Guttu


In „Wake-up Drill“ THE AGENCY gives an insight in the preparation for their upcoming performance “Medusa Bionic Rise“ which deals with a trans-humanistic fitness movement engaging in radical ways of self-optimization and lifelogging: Have you ever questioned the nature of your body´s reality?

„This Place is Every Place“ (2014) by Ane Hjort Guttu is a short fiction; a dialogue between two women in the suburbs of Stockholm; a study of the relationship between political and personal crises. The Arab spring is a backdrop for their conversation, and the film puts forward a connection between the global protest movements and the riots in the Swedish suburbs.


THE AGENCY (since 2015) works post-pragmatically with the phenomena of neoliberalism and offers ambivalent solutions aka performances. Their work deals with technologies of the self, post-human proximity and alienation. Their upcoming production Medusa Bionic Rise opens in Basel at 31. August 2017. THE AGENCY is Magdalena Emmerig, Belle Santos, Rahel Spöhrer and Yana Thönnes.

Ane Hjort Guttu is an artist, writer and curator based in Oslo. Through video works, picture collections, sculpture and photography her recent work has focused on the issues of power and freedom in the Scandinavian post-welfare state. Her work has been shown at South London Gallery, Kunsthaus Zürich and Images Festival, Toronto. Hjort Guttu also writes analytical as well as poetical texts that have been published at Sternnberg Press, e-flux journal and Frieze Magazine.